Digital Real-Estate vs Real-Estate in the Pandemic Era and Beyond

Digital Real-Estate vs Real-Estate in the Pandemic Era and Beyond:

We are living in different times uncertain times Before this Pandemic we were an uncertain time for a few but now it for the many who didn’t prepare of the climate we are in Now!! Some groups were struggling before this  Coronavirus Pandemic now that are most hang-on by less than a thread with over 20 million unemployed at 14 to 20 percent unemployment climbing at astonishing rate rates. Not since the Great Depression have we seen this my disruption economic suffering.

All is all doom and climb contrary to how the press likes to talk to the public about it. You here a lot the there 3-things the wealthy have to stay wealthy.

  • Real-Estate
  • Business Ownership
  • Investments within the Stock Market.

In today’s climate, these are doable if you’re educated about how to do them. Let me debunks some myths on why these are hard to do.  The thinking most people think it takes a huge amount of capital investment and a lot of time to put into. The change and disruption that has changed all this is the internet and social media. The internet alone would not have had the biggest disruption in the market if it wasn’t for social media. What allowed us to compete with the big box stores is to build and have digital real-estate and build a retail- estate on the infrastructure called the internet. Without all of a big investment nor nearly nor the internet has allowed those who see the opportunities to create income from there home with just an internet connection and a device. In the Book House Hold Gold mention the value of the retail estate. This book talks about how you can control %25 of what an average household is 37,000 per year 75% is spent on housing, cars, medical, and food. according to the

U.S Labor Department    Take a look at this video and how you can use the internet to tap into this income stream


Establishing a digital present instead of begging a bank for a loan for business is smarter from a financial and time standpoint. Have a Digital presence won’t take away from the current job that you have. let face it business ownership is hard and most fail. Even when using the internet and social media people fail because of lack of training but it not as painful if you get a loan for 50k to 100 k to start a small business and fail then you will still owe the note on the loan vs starting a digital business through an affiliate program may run you $200 to $500

Below: Here a link to some free training on using the internet to gain customers Learn to attract the right customers to you business and products

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