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Do you really Know 100 People:

When I first started in Network Marketing we were told to create a list of 100 people. Like most people we said I don’t know hundred people. It’s not that we didn’t know 100 people but the people we knew weren’t interested in what we were about to enter into.

Warm Market List and Cold Market List:

The list that most Upline to tell you to make is a Warm Market or lukewarm Market more appropriately called are those who are mostly some family some friends some you just know by their face. But your upline says talk to them all as it they need or want what you are doing. I don’t know about you I hated that and didn’t do it either.

Everyone ain’t interested in what you have and if felt un genuine to do that. I witness some would invite people over for one thing and turn around to pull out the pad and pen to show them their business. Many relationships got burned for that strategy and a lot weren’t invited to another gathering because of those ungenuine tactics.

Cold Marketing is more receptive to what you have because there not like family and friends who have opinions on what they think you are capable of doing cause they either went to school or grew up with you. This is why there seemed to be more successful because the conversation could go more open instead of how they would be with those who know you.

When building a list in the digital age you have tools like an autoresponder and CRM to vet people who would fit more on the team your building. It’s all about the right people, not the most people.

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