Checking Upline What does that Mean to You?

Ever heard of this talking point in Home Business? That you must check upline. I suggest that you must get permmission to do and grow you business. I also gives the out the notion of boss and employee. We talked about how many of these old school outed Network Marketing proceedures has no use with in today market. Like hotel Meeting House Meeting. Covid put a nail in the coffin to all these ridiculous way of building a business.

Another thing that made no since was the term cross lining. Now how can you say to recruits that your in business for youself but not by you self but can share info that will help some one grow there team and business? With the imerging technologies like the internet and social media. The old ways of doing business in Network Marketing has forced Reps to recognize the needed changes in there business to survive. This was especially to in these last 2 yrs of the Pandemic

So these term that have been used over the last few decades are going to be replaced with more up to date things that are geared toward business owner ship not as Rep for a company.

On last weeks Sunset Sunday Show we talked about these things and how communities are going to have to adjust to this new economy and this Great Resignation

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The days of chasing people about your business is over

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