Capitalism is Nothing more than Gangsterism

Mayer Amsel Rothchild founder of the most powerful banking families in Europe Give me control of a nations money supply and I care not who makes the laws

We have been witness to the true gangsterism in our society in recent years the furthering economically of the Have and Have Nots. Especially from the statement made by the Rothschild families.

This situation is by some accident. it a purposely done system to keep certain ethnic groups and the lowest end of the totem pole primarily within the black communities it affects the most.

With the ongoing pandemic on to of the economic divided black and Hispanic communities are most affected.

The banking families of Europe are responsible for how banks work today and how they all are screwing the average person.

The big financial Hest began in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve and it was based on the sentiments of the Roth child family.

Below is a video did a while back the sound isn’t real good but the info is what you want👇👇👇

Most people don’t recognize that the Federal Reserve isn’t a bank or a government institution but was created to protect the Ultra Wealth.

This sentiment was set up in Europe to loans money to the country which felt more profitable than from individuals. The system is no more than a criminal organization cartel intact which if them more appropriate.

In the book meeting at Jekyll Island, the main scheme was always to use the Fed and the government to bail them out and charge it to the working class.

Another thing that has caused a struggle for the working class was the development of the General Educational system, by The Rockerfella foundation.

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