Cancel Culture and What is Anti Semitic Verbiage

Cancel Culture and What is Anti Semitic Verbiage:

This week has been real tuff with the worst Number on virus spread since this Pandemic has started. Florida has become the Epicenter of Virus Spread in the Country. I just found out or saw on my Newsfeed that Breonna the young lady shot to death a few months ago in Kentucky was still alive but wasn’t treated for her wound at the scent where cops busted into her and her boyfriend’s apartment of a mistaken tip of drug heist when they had already headed the person in custody.

This is not my usual weekly Blog Post Topics which usually consists of business info and strategies but this has been on my soul and with this Nick Cannon Situation on why he was fired from Via Com/CBS  for spouting out anti- Semitic statements on his Podcast. I just watched the video of his Podcast Tell me if I’m missing something I still didn’t hear and watched this with my Mom and didn’t hear on word that was against the Jewish communities. Most of the conversation talks about the melanated people and what it meant. There were posts online that stated that Nick Cannon said that Black People were the original Hebrew People. As I was listening for this statement from the video I never heard that made. He referred to the Rothchild Familie which is a Jewish Family and How the conquer the Banking industry Globally and referred to Luminatie which has bee going around for years.

Take a listen to the video here and tell me what was anti-Senmitc because even if he said what a lot of posts said that would be actually talking about yourself when stating that Blacks were the True  Hebrew People.


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Here’s a Link I just Found to the Full video



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