Both Political Parties Vote for there Economic Interest

The recent post about rapper actor producer 50Cent indorsing Presidential Incubment Trump got alot of people in a uproar espcially

those with in the African American communities. People are up set with other celebrities like Kanye West and another Recent with Ice

Cube for sitting down with Trump offices about is contract with African America and there wants and demands with the canadites.

One thing Ive learned with people when it comes to there self when it comes to finances and we all are going to look out to our selves

and familie. This hasnt nothing to do with communities that been disinfranchased for Decades baseed on legislataion law set up

puposels to keep certain communities in the lowest lever of competeing financially in a capitalistic society. Is this right or wrong to feel

that way. Well that depends on your moral compass and and many especially in the African American communities think we all suppose

to have the same thought cause were of the same ethnic percussion. Let be real anyone and everyone will and should vote their

economic interest especially if it’s going to benefit you and your family that’s human nature. The problem I have with most people and

especially those who aren’t benefiting from the Trump tax cut but actually being hurt by the tax cut because they are benefiting the

upper 1%.Alot of people say there voting for Trump based office right to life attitudes. Well right life just dont mean giving birth and

means a right to proper health care a right to make a living. It seems to be the supporter of the right o life only exsists only ar birth not

when people are here on earth.

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