How to turn $1,200 into a 1.3million Business

In 10 months, her business generated over $1 million in revenue.

In less than a year a single mother who was laid off from her job in Los Angeles turned her stimulus check into a profitable business. Many during this Pandemic lost their jobs sat back and paid bills with their stimulus this single mother did something different. After being laid off from her job in 2019.

Ellie Diop applied and was rejected from over 50 jobs. That’s when she realized she needed to be more creative to provide for her kids as a single mom. But after being unemployed for a year, she did not have much to invest in startup costs.

Last year when my business partner Kent and I talked about what people need to do with this money that was being given out to the American people. We ask how many were going to invest in themselves or waste it paying bills or just outright spend it. Here the full article This what a lot of us could learn to do with many complaining about not having child care to be able to go back to work as the country opens back up. Like this single mom did reinvest in yourself create her own economy control your time to protect your selves and your family economically


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