Become an Authority In 3 steps

Authority Marketing

The biggest important way to get noticed online is the position yourself as a Leader in your specific Business category. This should be based on your own insight

Sharing what you have so others look to you and your company as the go-to person to solve their problems. A Book you should check out is Influence The Psychology of Persuasion. By Dr. Robert B Cialdini.


Step1 Positioning is the most important of the Authority process. What needs to happen is you need to become like a celebrity type within your clientele business category. What happens with most starting out you’re more of a general marketer who wants to help and serve everyone. This leads to overwhelming feelings. Remember everyone isn’t your prospect clientele or customer. Contrary to what they tell you in Network Marketing groups.

Step2 Your Belief in self and. Jim Rohn stated as a Marketer we get paid by bringing value to the Market Place. Bring your personnel value and expertise and natural talent also help with attracting the right group of people to you to be able to market and sell too.

Step 3 Brand Promise Who you are in the market that people can identify with. Knowing you online when they see your content be if video lives blog post and Webinar Training. This helps what we call BES Build your audience with value. Engage with your audience with authority message and content and the last is to sell to that audience with what your niche needs. The last can happen until you do the first two. This lets you know what your audience needs and respond to the content that you deliver.

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