Be Shapless Formless Like Water





Be Shapeless Formless Like Water:

Anyone that has followed me online at any length of time knows about my Martial Arts background and me being influenced by the Legendary Bruce Lee. Recently on ESPN Televised a Documentary on the Legendary Bruce Lee which was titled BE LIKE WATER!  This documentary talks about Bruce Lees’s struggle especially amongst what happening today with racial tensions How he overcame them and his Philosophy about life and Martial Arts.

His philosophy has affected many within the sport ad entertainment industries greatly. Notable athletes like Sugar Ray Lenard, and the Late Kobe Bryant. The being Like water concept is about how one needs to be able to adapt to changing climates and environments. Like the one were in Today with the Pandemic and how it’s changed the way we live and interact and do business.

In this video below, I put together to show how Bruce Lees Philosophy connect with combat with the battle in the colosseum with Check Norris from the movie he directed Return of the Dragon


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Bruce Lee Being Like Water description is how water adapts to anything. Water when putting into a cup it becomes the cup. When put into a teapot it becomes the teapot. Water can flow and it can crash become water, my friend. As a Martial Artist that is all our goals to adapt to the situation at hand. This is also true within a business to adapt to the changing Markets.



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