Attraction Success Recognize the Language of a Prospector

Today online marketing and sales are over-saturated on all platforms of social media. Everyone trying to get their product and services sold or recognized. Recently I posted in a Training Platform that I currently belong to and asked a simple question. The core reason I joining their platform and training was to of their philosophy about Marketing and how to be seen online. Now the blurred lines in the way we communicate to people seem to be the issue in the online marketing platform. My whole purpose of this post is to unblur and give clearer perspective of the difference in Networking, prospecting, and Marketing.

You may ask what difference it makes and why is it such a big deal. Well because the so-called leaders who brought in this concept of Attraction Marketing seem to be. What we need to recognize as an attraction marketer is the language of the Prospecting Network Marketer. They use certain words a phased before they present there an opportunity or product to you.

Here are the phases Prospectors Use When they solicit you on line

I see you as a very successful Minded individual or person.

Liked Minded and successful.

Don’t want o miss this ground floor opportunity.

The language most Marketers use is always to pitch on every individual to run their spill on someone. We say that Network Marketing is a people and relationship business but see treated people as objects instead and number on our belt.

The attraction Marketing approach Is totally different especially on social media. You meet people from the standpoint of what you have in common personally and not from a business standpoint.

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