Are you Neglecting one of the True Response Social Platforms?

Most of us have over the past few years have primarily used Facebook Instagram and Twitter for our Marketing and Building our business’s. This weekend there’s a Training event on this least used Platform. The Platform is Linkedin. Why is that you may ask.

Well most of us including me looked at Linkedin as just a platform for looking for Jobs. More employers and employees used this platform to market and advertise the jobs opening. That is still true today. But over the last few years and months, Facebook has become more user-friendly to Marketers like ourselves. Below I put together what I think how you should engage in any platform. Some in our Wednesday night training mention the culture of Linkedin as it we are in corp America. My take is just yourself and talks with people like people. Being professional doesn’t mean being a stuffed shirt treat people as you wanted to be treated and leave the BS at the door.

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The days of chasing people about your business is over

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