Are You Making these 3 Mistake to your Facebook Profile

3 Critical Mistake Network Market Make with there Facebook Profile:

A lot of people struggle with online with there profiles especially FaceBook.This past Wednesday night we had very informative training what you may be doing wrong to harm you from making money on your Facebook Profile.


  1. Spamming
    no, you present on your timeline
    Spamming your timeline is when you have the name of the company you rep for and/or the products you promote all over your timeline. Instead, you want to create curiosity in your posts so that YOU are the gatekeeper of information.
  2. No value
    People buy from and join people NOT companies. In order to ATTRACT potential customers and/or business partners and grow a SUCCESSFUL business, you must be seen as a person of value, authority, and credibility. You do this by providing the audience you are building with VALUE.
  3. No, you present on your timeline: Again, people buy from and join people NOT companies and they will buy from and join those they know, like and TRUST! If they don’t SEE you they cannot get to know, like and trust you. Creating relatability is important!

To get more details of this training I’m going to Post the Replay HERE

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