Amway is the BluePrint for Most Network Market Companies.

Many of the current Network Marketing companies pure carbon copies of Amway’s business Model

Ever heard of Just like Amway but better. Was a slogan that had been going around the Industry for years

Recent Individual That I know was literally told to leave the Network Marketing Company she was

affiliated with. Surprised I’m not Today Most of these companies have been struggling with there out of

date philosophy about business and how to run them. Most of these so-called Network marketing

companies are Know more than the corporate structure that most say they want to get away from.

They say you are a business owner but what you really are is more just a contracted worker able to use

products and services that most are more expensive and the income to commission ratio is too low to

make a living. The model today is still hanging on the notion that you have to be belly to belly to make

a network marketing businesses grow and prosper. Below is a video on a book I wrote on this very

subject about prospecting. In this profession, today is a dead strategy. A strategy without leverage in the digital age is time-consuming.

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