After 5 yrs a Distributor becames Liability

Recently I came cross a video by Eric Worre what made some real bold statement about the Network Markting profession. One was that caught my attention was you become an exspense to the Network marketing compant after 5yrs. I said What! kinda Ironic isnt it when you first get in as distributor they spout taken 2 to 5yrs to build a sustainable income.

He did go to mention other aspect that I hadnt head before. One about leadership how ranking levels dont make you a Leader. When I was involved that all you did hear leadership rank advancement. Ray Higdon has an event called Rank Makers. So in this video by ericworrie kinda steps on all that is said in this profession. Whats our thoughts?

With all that being said I alwas said to people Network Marketin is great introduction to Enterpernuership but not a place to make home and depend on sustainbale income.

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