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First Introduced to the NetWork Marketing Profession in The early ’80s Found it to be a way to freedom and a way to not having a boss. Away to use to finances of other projects or Joint venture projects. But being young and not sticking to the dream I let others talk me out of pursuing my passion. I was re-introduced to the profession about 15 years later. Ironically when in reintroduced it was the same company that I was within the ’80s. Moving forward I learned a lot more mature and stuck to my conviction about how I wanted to live my life with purpose and freedom.  My saving grace was the emergence of the internet. Without it, I think I may have left the profession again. When I saw the leveraging possibilities of the internet and the social media in 2004 I knew I need to take a different direction in my business.

In 2008 I was introduced to a platform that primarily trains marketer to use the internet to develop there own Brands. This platform was developed by Network Marketers who had the same issue most in the profession have. Blowing through there list within 30 to 90′ days. then have no one to talk to about their business except family and friends that usually is drained within the 90 day period. Today is where I still lay my hat and trained and acquire the skill need today to be a successful online entrepreneur.

One this that help me with the business I been in the Martial Arts over 40 Yrs.

One of the Biggest Influencers was BruceLee





Above is a Photo of me in my early 20’s Was doing a character in Martial History Ho shue Qun


Here is a photo below of Mom and I at  one of here clubs Conclaves that happen ever July







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