5 key Changes that’s Happen on Facebook

5 key Changes that’s Happen on Facebook

This week I just came off of a 5 day Social Media challenge about Facebook Marketing.

  1. Lifestyle Post
  2. Product post
  3. Personal Profile and how to set it up
  4. curiosity Post
  5. Why you’re in Home Business Post

What is a Lifestyle post? These are posted that give your audience a view ow what and how you’re living your life. We all want a particular lifestyle. This way we go get an education because we were promised that education will help you get a better job that will help create for your a particular lifestyle. How many of you were told this growing up? How many of you have bought into the talking point.? And how many of you have been disappointed with the outcome which now you’re saturated with debt. Some have the money but no time for the lifestyle others has the opposite problem.

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Product post is a little tricky depending on the company that your affiliate with. The best way to market products is to give the benefits and how it changed your life or have some testimonials on results people have gotten. Be hit weight loss or weight management, skincare, etc.  Get the Social Media Blue Print for $17 that explains  all this and more

[mlsp-cta campaign=”attractionmarketingbundle” popup=”false” layout=”standard” align=”left”]Personal Profile.


This has changed over the last few yours. When I started the profile wasn’t the place to marketing your business. You needed a fan page to do so. Today that has changed! The fan page is primarily used to place Facebook Ads. if you want to learn more about running Facebook AD  Go  HERE 

Today profile is used more to marketing your products and service because more os a reach is being done with profile then Fanpages. Less exposure is done to fan pages because facebook requires Ad spend to those page content to get more of your stuff seen. The rest of the reason for marketing like lifestyle curiosity post help people want to know what you do to be able to be free enough to do what you  want

  1. Either Travel if that what you do
  2. Spending time with friends that have the same freedom in the middle of the afternoon to have lunch and still make money on your time.
  3. Vacation Time to make money while traveling the beaches of the world. While most are limited to two weeks of vacation. All these are the reason most like my self started a home-based business

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