3Reasons your attracting nonproducers in your Business

Most people fail in their recruiting because of the type of people they attracted first then recruit as team members.

Here are 1st reasons people recruit nonproducers: First, you have to consider this a business, not a hobby to recruit quality people starts with you. You cant appear desperate in your recruiting. Many do this when starting out because this is all they have to offer most potential prospects.

2nd Reason people recruit nonproducers: Making false income claim to potential prospects to cokes them into your team knowing good and well these income claim arent true. Yes, most get into Network Marketing to make extra money. But some teams make income claims that aren’t true, especially the claim done without putting in the necessary work. These claims are what got a lot of these Network Marketing companies in trouble with the FTC.

3rd and Last reason you recruit nonproducers: Most don’t properly vet or qualify people for your team. You must qualify people to work with you or you’re just wasting your time. Too many distributors are taught to chase and harass people into your business. When in truth most weren’t interested in your business opportunity in the first place.

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To build a proper and prosperous team you must have the right quality people are want to build a team. There has to be leadership quality because that is another trait it takes to have a successful Network Marketing Business. This is a business for leader or people to be trained into a leadership position.

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