3Reasons to Repurpose old Videos

Since being in the online marketing space video has been my go to strategy in all phase of my marketing. From Live Fb and Youtube Video. Today were in the climate of short videos With Tick Tok videos and reels.

The great thing about video when done right it can pay you over and over again and build your audience at the same time without you being there. You can be asleep on vacation with family and freinds and get paid . This is what we call market to many instead of to one. Webianar Marketing does the same thing it help build repore espcailly now with streaming software like stream yard which I use for my Sunset Sunday Show. Other streaming software that became popular alike zoom during the pandemic allowed many to work from home conduct business meetings and just over all do business remotely.

Here 3 video Streatgies to get more leads and to automate your buiness

1 YOUTUBE VIDEO’S this strategy used becasue the plateform is used to learning how to do some things its searnch engin primarily for that.

2 Face Book Live is another video streagies with it being connected with Zoom ans Stream Yard allows to conduct training to a big audience of over 1 Billion people.

3 Is the Newest trend to date is the short video using plat forms like Tik Tok also instagram who started out with the reels formate. now Facebook and other platforms have jump on the band wagon of short videos.

The purpose of shorter videos is becasue we live in a society with short attention spans. These short video strategies give marketing a chance to repurpose content to people who may not have seen it earlier on and which can lead a interest back to the longer version of the content for more info.

Resources: Trainingsite for Home Biz==>HERE

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