3 Traffic sources you control and Don’t control

Most people are always talking about getting traffic to their funnels or websites. In truth there are only 3 traffic sources the traffic you control, the traffic you don’t control the traffic you own. The latter is the, most important.

The traffic you control:

What is the traffic that you have control of is pretty simple but cant be costly if you don’t know what you’re doing. Paid ads or any form of advertising that directs traffic to a website or a sales Funnel. You don’t own that traffic on the platforms that you pay ads Example: pay-per-click and Banner Ads. Native Marketing and Email Marketing are something we talked about many times.

The Traffic You don’t Control:

The organic type of traffic made by you or others can be unpredictable. There’s no way to determine what or how much of that traffic will show up or when it may do so. There are many factors that impact organic traffic results some are just out of our control. An example is Blogging SEO(Search Engine Optimization) forums Video Sharing and Press Releases. Organic Traffic has a place in the online game. Knowing your audience and putting out good content where there are people looking and needing problems solving for their business on a consistent basis people will get to know you and your brand.

Traffic that You Own:

What does has it means to own traffic will the term own is very subjective in itself. A lot like to claim they own their social media pages that is not true. As we saw back last fall when Facebook got shut down for about 5 to 6 hrs.

To own traffic means that you have paid the cost of it and no longer have to do so. You now communicate with this traffic give advice and share valuable information plus directing that audience to offers without having to layout payment to direct it anywhere you choose. As I said earlier the true way you own the traffic/ audience is when you have the contact info of that traffic and save it into the database.

Example: Is to use a piece of software called an autoresponder. This software gathers info from potential customers and stores this info such as your email list. This info gives you permission to communicate with them after they have the option to a page for more info. One of the premier autoresponders used by Online Marketers is Aweber found how you can set you an account and get 50% commission referring others making $100 or $1000’s of annual passive income===>Here

Give something of Value/ Bribe: It not going to be easy just to get someone to give you this info. You must give something back of value that they need to do so. or something that solves a problem of theirs. How this is done is we use a specific webpage called a Capture Page

Optin: this page gathers info and controls traffic to a free offer. It also is known as a Squeeze page.

Bridge page: This page gathers their info after the opt-in page and thanks to the customer. You also have the ability to direct this traffic to where you like them to go. These subscribers are real people so you as the Marketer need to treat them accordingly with value-based info.


Autoresponder To Use Aweber

This is a high-converting ‘mini’ sales page==>Here

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