3 things Network Marketing Leaders arent Sharing with you

In last week’s blog post I shared with you why traditional Network Marketing is dead. This week I will share with you what they’re not telling and still push them to their down-line the conventional methods.

You may ask why would they do this. I figured they don’t want the competition knowing if there downlines knew what they where doing they wouldn’t need them any longer and made money off of depended team members. This week we started in a Leadflow challenge. 5 day challenge exposing what the leadership in you Affiliate companies are doing but not teaching you. Most leaders are implementing funnel to attract potential client or customers.

In this Current Book Im reading called the 1st is Capture page this page is used in exchange for value for info. some may called it s bribe what ever it an exchange for value that the potential customer my need. a video, ebook etc its always made by an exchange of value.

2ND The value exchange is the potential cleints email info we calle this build list. Remember in the old traditional Network Marketing they tell you to write down list 100 people you know. Well truly how did that really work . It did for some because the was know software that we use today called an auto responder. If actually done the list building for ou through the funnel that we set up for the value exchange. The auto responders that most top marketers use to day is Aweber this software allows you to market up coming events product that you mave coming out. And the most important thing you own the list , Then whenyou were communicating of social media which you own nothing. Remeber last year face book went off line for 5 to 6 hrs how will that effect you business. or if your put in facebook jail or loose your account for some ungodly reason. With you owning that list out side of social you have more control.

3rd Learn to attract potential client and prospect. Stop prospecting and chasing people Tell you Story in you funnel to attract people who have experienced what you experienced . in the Network Marketin or what ever your story is.

Resouces: List and Customer Development – Twist Your List.

Aweber autoseponder

Prospecting is Dead old Traditional Network Marketing is Dead. Reccomended Book 5 keys to Success in Today Market

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5 Keys to Success in todays Market
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The days of chasing people about your business is over

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