3 reasons to build a Business instead of a DownLine

The Network Marketing Business model is slow to adapt to the current climate of marketing.

What there telling their affiliates is probably the one thing that holds them back from succeeding. By telling this to build just a down line by trying to sell their a product the Number1 reason most struggle in this profession is the retail to commission ratio is too low and isnt enough to cover one auto-ship.

Recent Content online still tells me that these so Called Network Marketing Companies have evolved into the climate of digital Commerce or online Marketing and adverting.

Here are 3 things Daily Methods of Operation that Need to be done to get the result most are looking for online

1 Thing is to Build your Audience That means you need to find who that is and what their needs are.

2 Once you found out who your audience is you need to give solutions to their issues Meaning Marketing to them with valuable information that addresses their business issues.

3 The last and final strategy is to sell to the audience that you have built. Once the building of this audience is established along with the struggles you can sell them a solution to their problems.

From our March Sunset Sunday show

These 3 Methods of building your business will help also in building and securing a team that can thrive

This method of operation is done daily and what the top marketers online are doing to succeed.👇👇

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