3 Oxymoron Terms used in the Word of Finances


What is the term Oxymoron Mean? In simplest terms the Contradiction of Words.

Here are Some of those terms Used today in the Finance World: You hear people who seek to avoid risk use these oxymoron terms the most. People who are more Financially educated understand why these terms are financial Oxymorons. Those who aren’t financially educated use these terms to think of Financial wisdom. I will explain.

Job Security: Back in the late ’70s when I graduated from high school, we were told to go to college to secure a high-paying job. preferably within the Government be it local. state or Federal. Some did that others go good jobs without college. By The beginning of the 80s, many Black males were encouraged to go get an engineering degree. By the late 80’s most of those who got an engineering job lost them by being laid off. This proves that the term Job security doesn’t exist.

Other so-called secured jobs that no longer resists were like in Dayton Ohio people would graduate from high school and able to go to work at GE (General Electric)

Saving Money: In 1971 Money become a debt on longer money. Our government has weakened the purchasing power of the dollar bill because it is back by nothing. Prior to 1971, our money was required to be backed by gold. It was when the US was importing more gold than exporting because of the demand of France wanting payment in gold. So Nixion took the US off the gold standard. After 1971 when the US Need money the just printed today which is not even needed because money today is digital a blip on a computer screen.

Safe Investments: There is no such thing as safe investments. There are only smart investments. When some on talks safe investment run from them. Like anything having to do with money, you have to be educated about the market and how it runs even then you stand a chance to lose. All this is about financial education, we’re not taught in our current educational system. Investment in commodities like gold and silver you can lose a lot of money.

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