3 onlineTraffic source you should know

What Traffic do you Need

One thing about online traffice it not about needing more it’s more about attracting the right traffic soure to you offer and or website. There are 3 traffic source you need to understand and know when working online creating Business. Undertand and attracting these sources to you offers not trying to recreate them.

You only have 3 source of traffice

. Ones you control

. The one you own

.The one you dont control

Let start with the Traffic you can control usuall through online advertisment which you can direct them to offcers paid site like Banner ads or website. or funnel emailmarketing.Now there traffic you dont control. This traffic is usually organic by you and others. Some example: Blogging SEO(Search engine optimization and social media. All these of serious place in business when publishing to gwet organic leads but you may not always get results your looking for. The Traffic you control is kinda subjective . Today many or on social media platforms looking for those likes and follows but are the truly something that yo control. No not really to many wan to think it there pages but in reallity it not. Facebook about a year agao shut down for about 6 hrs. How would that affect your business online especially with lead flow that most depend on. This why we stress in our business model to build a list out side of the social media communities. Facebook Istagram now Tic Tok can shut you down at any time put you in Jail unable you from posting cause of there weird algrithyms. We advise you to get and autoresponder to help build that list out side of social media. The on we suggest for those who are online Networkers affiliate marketers etc and just starting out to build you list is Aweber you can get up to 500 subscribers for free starting out Click HERE This why i say you must trully capute your on leads in some sort of funnel to a capture page that leads to a list that you can market to. Below are some resources Im directing you to.

Resouces: Heres som past trainings for social media marketing I think you get value from.

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