266k Jobs Reports In April What does that mean for your Business.

A very disappointing jobs report came out today for April. Most were expecting a lot more than what was reported. What’s not being addressed for the lackluster jobs report and many things. Two main reasons are obvious. We are still in a Pandemic situation and what there not addressing it the fact the people witness with technology there no need for them to return to a job that doesn’t pay much and it more convenient to work from home and watch their kids then to try to community and find child care which I. This covid 19 virus has shown many that they don’t need corporate America. Those who are paying attention understand that with internet zoom which most was using through there work from home job realized they could do the same with talents they have become their own corporate entity without all the office political games BS that so many corporate office play. Also the smart business also realize that the work from home model was more economically feasible for the companies bottom line and witnessed happier employees.

Companies like Nationwide Insurance realize they could save in their bottom line by cutting back on the need to pay office space which was a 1million a month. The media and the people who monitor employment tracked the percentage of whos employed base this only from standpoint of going to a Job by commuting. Instead of how much home base business have increased over the years and how this business saved our economy during this pandemic. Most of these stats are overblown in the favor of corporate in when in truth home base business are in completion with traditional business because of the digital distribution line called the internet and the communication line build on top called social media where advertisement a reach more people globally ant a cheaper rate.


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